A Statement of Intent

The creation of this blog comes directly from a desire to continue the practice of teacher reflection that I began on the Sookmyung TESOL STG course. It is here that I was introduced to the idea, and in the interest of my continued professional development have decided to continue the blog I began there in a differrent format here.

It comes at both an excelelent and an unfortunate time. I have just finished the course, so my ideas about reflection are fresh and ready to be applied. However, I have just had my last class for the year, and my next will be on January 7th next year. That means this blog will either sit dead for a month, or I will begin to populate it with my ideas and readings into the TESOL world as I prepare to embark on my MA course at the same university.

I’m writing this blog primarily for selfish reasons of personal development, but if you find what I write here helpful or have something to contribute then I am more than happy to develop a conversation in this, or another space.


2 responses to “A Statement of Intent

    • You know, I’ve been looking hard but can’t seem to find a way to do that within any of the WordPress templates. Serious flaw! So instead I added my own links to my online identity on the “about” page – here’s a link for your convenience!
      I’m toying with sticking the same onto the end of every blog post, but that might get a bit cumbersome… Will have to have a good think!

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