A New Term, A New Job

Tomorrow my first day of work at a new school.

I will be teaching Korean teenagers history, geography and social studies through English at an international school in Ilsan, Korea. And I’ll be in charge of my own grade for the first time! I’m now a homeroom teacher, though the school is so small that I will only have 5 students to take charge of. An easy start, then.

It’s not my ideal school by any means: It’s not bilingual, and the students have all lived in English speaking countries, so I’m not too sure what to expect in terms of English ability, but I’m assured that I can think of it as a Content Based Approach to ESL. The students certainly fit into this category, as they all speak Korean as a first language. However, their English is good enough to study from an American curriculum.

So, I’m not sure what to expect, but I’m hoping for a good community of teachers who support each other and work on their teaching practice together, and students who are ready to work together and commit to each other and our classroom.

I will keep this blog about ESL, reflection, and my MA studies, but my posts will now more likely be structured around a smaller and more defined group of students. That should make reflective practice easier than just teaching privates!


2 responses to “A New Term, A New Job

  1. Good luck! I would love to teach at an international school someday. Maybe I’ll apply to teach at one once I earn my post-graduate degree (whenever that happens). I look forward to reading your blog!

    • Now that I’ve been there for a day it’s not quite an international school, but halfway there. It’s for Korean kids who live abroad and don’t “fit” back into the system. A nice bunch of kids, though! And a good mix of high- and low- level speakers for me to practice my ELT skills on 😀
      Thanks for the kind words!

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