I’m currently studying my MA in TESOL, but the field is so wide that that doesn’t really tell you what I’m interested in. Here, then, is some of the work I have done and a few of the fields of research I am interested in studying, discussing and knowing more about:

Code Switching

I wrote a literature review on the issue of code-switching as a pedagogical tool which will be published in the Sookmyung TESOL journal this August. Until the journal is published online, it can be found here:

Avery (2013) The Pedagogical Potential of Codeswitching

Teaching Reading

Reading strategies, vocabulary acquisition, explicit strategy instruction.

I’m particularly interested in the possibility of reading strategies being acquired, and the extent to which explicit instruction is necessary or more of a band-aid when acquisition hasn’t taken place. I conducted an initial literature review to explore how this has been researched, and found minimal but interesting research on the area. You can read about what I found in the following paper.

Avery (2013) Teaching Reading Strategies – Explicit Instruction or Acquisition

Global English

L1 in the classroom, codeswitching, Ethnography NNES, World Englishes, Nativeness, Bilingualism. Socialisation, Culture, ICC

This list will become more refined and extensive as my studies continue, but as I begin my teaching/research career I feel that this is a good place to start.


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